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Hey @m41t

You can find my setup instructions specifically for NearlyFreeSpeech in the wiki section here:

Hope this helps! I will also respond to your email with your additional questions soon :)

Comment by bt April 17, 2024

I am having trouble setting up ikiwiki on a debian 12 system with caddy server. When I click on the "edit" for a post on the web browser, I get an empty page. I suppose there is some problem with filesystem owners, permissions, and cgi script execution.

Can you detail how you setup your own ikiwiki blog on your web server? Ikiwiki docs are not detailed, and useful information isn't available on this topic.

Comment by m41t April 17, 2024


All of those extra points are spot on. I haven't been brave enough to update the screen but it is something that would expand its lifespan even longer!

Comment by bt January 4, 2024

You forgot to mention the modability of the machine. You can swap out the keyboard Thinklight LED for a different color like red... You can add extra USB 3 ports using the expansion slot... You can swap out the motherboard for one from a X230 with a gen 3 intel CPU for a tiny bit more performance... Apparently it's even possible to solder a four core eight thread I7 onto one of the mainboards.

Not just that, you can upgrade the display to a 1080P or 4K display, and swap out the charge port for a USB-C connector with a drop-in replacement port. Then there's coreboot and being able to neutralize Intel ME... Plus you can also upgrade to a Wifi 6 card.

Not sure there's any laptops out there more modded than the classic thinkpads of the X200 series and the ones that came out the following year as well like the T430, T530 and such.

Comment by 33yn2 January 3, 2024
I like the idea of having a collection of knowledge that is personally relevant to you. However, I have to say that so far I don't like the design very much, but I still think it's a cool idea and I'm excited to see what comes in the future.
Comment by James December 30, 2023
Hey Ronald - I completely understand! I'm sure over time I'll end up tweaking things to feel more "personal" but I've made this change for my own use cases. I plan to expand outside of just blog posts and into wiki pages exploring gaming, home hacks, general life experiences etc. I do appreciate the honest feedback though!
Comment by bt December 18, 2023
this one looks too "wiki" and less personal. :/
Comment by Ronald December 18, 2023
This is a test account making a test comment on this new wiki blog. Hopefully nothing breaks!
Comment by brad-test December 12, 2023