This page showcases the official Pizza Fund (Donations). Here I list and celebrate those kind enough to donate pizza(s) into my stomach. Pizza fuels my creativity and helps me publish helpful articles and develop new open source projects.

If you feel the burning desire to donate to the pizza fund in order to support this small blog of mine or any number of my projects, please take a look at the options below. You can still enjoy everything on this blog for free, so please don't feel obligated to donate.

Pizza Hall of Fame

pizza in a box

Listed below are the kind folks who have donated me pizzas. Note: most of these entries also have their websites included in the 1MB Club Hall of Fame.

Name Amount
Alveek $3 (pizza slice)
Jakob M $9 (large pizza)
Anonymous $9 (large pizza)
Kristian Scott $3 (pizza slice)
Anonymous $9 (large pizza)
Anonymous $3 (pizza slice)
Anonymous $3 (pizza slice)
Luke Davis $3 (pizza slice)
Anonymous $3 (pizza slice)
Jamie Smith $3 (pizza slice)
@danielsadac $9 (large pizza) $15 (large pizza + toppings)
tedmagaoay $3 (pizza slice)
@salis $9 (large pizza)
@alessacrea $15 (large pizza + toppings)
tedmagaoay $3 (pizza slice)
Joshua $9 (large pizza)
DevITjobs $9 (large pizza)
Jakub $3 (pizza slice)
Jakub $3 (pizza slice)
Nicolas $3 (pizza slice)
@jjsuper1 $15 (large pizza + toppings)
Willem L. Middelkoop $9 (large pizza)
Ivan S $15 (large pizza + toppings) $15 (large pizza + toppings)
Jens Steger $9 (large pizza)
Alexey $11 (large pizza)
Justin Wong $3 (pizza slice)
Nick Sherman $26 (large pizza + toppings)

How are donations used?

That's a good question. Almost all money donated goes towards hosting, domain renewal costs and open source services I use myself. Anything "extra" ends up getting me pizza to enjoy while I publish more free (and hopefully useful) content/projects.

Pizza Tiers

All prices in US dollars (USD)

  • ≥$3 = slice of pizza
  • ≥$8 = large pizza
  • ≥$15 = large pizza + toppings
  • ≥$20+ = pizza meal

Say Hello

If you don't have the means to donate but still want to "help" in some way, simply shoot me an email. Talk a little about yourself and say hello. A friendly conversation is worth just as much as a pizza (well, almost!).

This page is greatly influenced by Bryan's wall of pizza (be sure to buy him some pizza if you enjoy his work!)