I have always been a fan of simple note taking applications, since I tend to take a lot of random notes throughout the work day. Sometimes I reach for simple pen and paper, but other times it's nice to stay focused jotting down notes on the same device I'm working on.

Previously, I just created quick notes.txt files in my open code editor or fell back on the default OS note apps. These worked perfectly fine but often got in my way (or even worse - lost among everything else).

So I said the hell with it and built Notez.

What makes Notez special?

Nothing, really. It's actually a pretty "stupid" app compared to others on the market. But this one is mine. Plus, it was fun to piece it together on a random evening before bed.

For those curious, let's take a look at the feature list:

  • free and open source (github.com/bradleytaunt/notez)
  • uses localStorage to keep changes persistent (helpful for browser crashes, etc)
  • includes basic export functionality to download content as a simple output.txt file

That's it. Mind blowing stuff, eh?

Making stuff is fun

My main takeaway when building this tiny, dumb app was to just enjoy building fun stuff. It crossed my mind several times how there are already hundreds of note taking apps across the vast Internet. I also thought about how others might look at the code I wrote and go, "Oh my God - why did he do it that way? What an idiot!". But I don't care - I had fun making it.

Hopefully you enjoy using it as well!