Hey would you look at that - my personal blog has been redesigned again! Although I am still using good ol' Jekyll for the backend, I have now added a more fleshed-out CSS design which also includes a set of open source custom typefaces.

Gasp! "How could you?!" I hear you ask. Let me explain.

Personal sites should feel personal

I can see how this change might seem hypocritical (it took some convincing myself) but I decided to follow in to footsteps of Kev Quirk and added a little whimsy and character to my website. After all, personal websites should feel personal. My obsession with barebones HTML & CSS serves its purpose on other public projects, but seems limiting for my own little space on the interwebs.

Banned from my own club

I had originally converted this blog's design to use zero CSS and instead rely solely on default browser styling. The main reasoning for doing so, was to have the ability to include my own personal website in the XHTML Club project. (I never said it was a good reason)

After giving it some thought, I've decided that this limitation seemed too extreme even for me.

Moving forward

I know I always say "With this new design, I can finally focus on just writing content!" - but this is a lie. I'll probably be fiddling with my personal website until the day I die. The good news is that I do have a few tutorial blog posts lined up to publish soon - so be on the lookout for those!

Thanks for reading through my pointless ramblings about personal websites. It's good to just vent about these things sometimes...