After seeing Cloudflare's for Families mentioned on the front page of HackerNews, I thought it might be helpful to show those currently using a pi-hole device how to include alongside it.

Keeping Things Updated

It should go without saying that you should be running the latest stable pi-hole version for security and full feature support. To do so, simply ssh into your device (or connect to it directly if you prefer) and run the following to check your pi-hole version:

pihole -v

And if your version is out of date, run:

pihole -up

Once it completes the update everything will be good to go!

Adding (

Now you need to navigate to your main pi-hole admin in your browser (most likely the url will be pi.hole). Login in using your credentials and the do the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Navigate to DNS
  3. Under "Upstream DNS Servers" enter:

    • Custom 1 (IPv4):
    • Custom 2 (IPv4):

PiHole setup admin dashboard
PiHole DNS settings (link to hi-res image)

Ad-Block & Malware Protection

You now officially have protection against both intrusive advertisements and sites flagged with malware. Happy (and now safer) browsing!