My first public article was posted on June 28th 2016. That was seven years ago.

In that time, quite a lot has changed in my life both personally and professionally. So, I figured it would be interesting to reflect on these years and document it for my own personal records. My hope is that this is something I could start doing every 5 or 10 years (if I can keep going that long!). This way, my blog also serves as a "time capsule" or museum of the past...

Fun Facts

This Blog:

I originally started blogging on using WordPress, but since then I have changed both my main domain and blog infrastructure multiple times. At a glance I have used:


As with anyone over time, the personal side of my life has seen the biggest updates:

  • Married the love of my life (after knowing each other for ~14 years!)
  • Moved out into rural Ontario for some peace and quiet
  • Had three wonderful kids with said wife (two boys and a girl)
  • Started noticing grey sprinkles in my stubble (I guess I can officially call myself a "grey beard"?)


  • Pivoted heavily into UX research and design for a handful of years (after working mostly with web front-ends)
  • Recently switched back into a more fullstack development role to challenge myself and learn more

Nothing Special

This post isn't anything ground-breaking but for me it's nice to reflect on the time passed and remember how much can change in such little time. Hopefully I'll be right back here in another 7 years and maybe you'll still be reading along with me!