This page contains a helpful collection of configuration and application setups for Alpine Linux.

Run Mullvad on Alpine Linux (Wireguard)

# Install wireguard
apk add wireguard-tools

Login into Mullvad and download the proper wireguard configuration files(s). After downloaded, place in the proper directory:

doas cp <MULLVAD_FILENAME>.conf /etc/wireguard/"

Then setup an aliases for easier up/down states:

alias vpnup="doas wg-quick up /etc/wireguard/<MULLVAD_FILENAME>.conf"
alias vpndown="doas wg-quick down /etc/wireguard/<MULLVAD_FILENAME>.conf"

Alpine Linux mini_racer Tweaks

Gem lockfile:


mini_racer (0.6.3)
  <remove child dependency>

then run: bundle update mini_racer