This page details the instructions on how to soft mod an original Xbox console (v1.6 in this instance) using a USB flash drive.


  • A Female USB to Xbox controller port adapter
  • A USB flash drive that is 4GB or smaller
  • (Optional) If running MacOS, a working install of Windows via UTM

Preparing the USB Drive

  • Turn on your console and connect your USB drive via the controller port adapter
  • Navigate to Memory from the Xbox Dashboard
  • Select the device from the available options (WARNING: This is erase everything on the USB)
  • Remove the USB

Running the Exploit

  • Download the Xbox Softmodding, open it, open the Softmod Package folder, and extract the contents of It should be a folder named helper, a folder named trigger, and a file called payload.xbe.
  • Copy the helper folder, trigger folder, and payload.xbe to the root of your flash drive or memory unit.
  • Plug the memory device into your controller and turn on the Xbox. Select "Memory", then click your memory device. It will freeze for a minute and then the LED ring on the front of your Xbox should cycle colors before booting into the softmod installer.
  • Press A to install the softmod. Read the prompts that come up and press A to acknowledge them. Your Xbox will reboot.
  • The tool will finish setting up. You will be left on the Xbox Softmodding Tool dashboard, which is just a skinned UnleashX dashboard. You can change the skin under System → Skins.